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Pressure measuring instruments 4-20mA 0-10v rs485 pressure transmitter with ceramic oil gas water pressure transducer sensor

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  • 0.5%
  • 0.25%
  • 0-5VDC
  • 0.5-4.5VDC
  • 4-20mA
  • 0-10VDC
  • 0-100KPa
  • 0-60Mpa
  • 0-100Mpa
  • 0-2.5Mpa
  • 0-20KPa
  • 0-20Mpa
  • 0-1Mpa
  • -100KPa~0
  • 0-1.6Mpa
  • 0-0.6Mpa
  • 0-6MPa
  • 0-10Mpa
  • -100~100KPa
  • 0-30Mpa
  • 0-10KPa
  • ceramics
  • Diffused silicon

pressure sensors

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Q:Which media can be measured?

A:Can measure water, gas, air, oil, solution, etc.

Q:Could I get samples?
A:Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

Q:Can vacuum negative pressure be measured?
A:Yes, conventionally there are -100KPa~0 and -100~+100KPa ranges, and the range can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Q:How is the quality of this product?
A:The failure rate of this product is less than 0.1%, and basically requires no maintenance. If there are any quality problems during the warranty period, we will directly mail a new product or refund.

Q:Can it withstand high temperature?
A:The temperature resistance of conventional products is -20~+70°C, and the highest temperature resistance can reach 350°C.Can measure high temperature liquid, steam.

Q: Is it corrosion resistant?
A: Yes, we have corrosion-resistant models, which can measure corrosive media such as strong acids and alkalis.

Q:  What are the supply voltages?
A:  We have 10-30VDC, 5VDC, 3.3VDC and other power supply methods.


Q:  Can you accept OEM service ?
A:  Yes, we can put your company information and logo on our sensors.


Q:  Which pressure units can be set?
A:  Pa, KPa, MPa, Psi, bar, mbar, mmH2O, kgf/cm2, atm, etc. can be set.


Q:  Can the control function be realized?
A:  With a measuring and controlling instrument, it can realize upper and lower limit alarms, high and low start and stop, and control water pumps and motors.

Q:  Can the measurement range be set arbitrarily?

A:  Yes, the range can be set arbitrarily according to customer requirements

Q:  What are the signals at the output?

A:  Output signals include 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0.5-4.5V, RS485 (modbus-RTU), I2C, SPI, etc.

Q:  What are the threaded interfaces?

A:  Conventional threaded interfaces include G1/2, G1/4, M20*1.5, NPT1/2, NPT1/4, etc., and can also be customized according to customer requirements

Q:  Can it have a display?

A:  Yes, we have LED and LCD display methods, LCD display is clearer and can display pressure units.

Q:  Is there a flat film type?

A:  We have flat membrane hygienic type, anti-blocking. It can measure milk, beer, beverages and other foods, as well as oil and viscous liquids.

Q:  How much is the shipping time and cost

A:  We cooperate with hundreds of logistics companies and can choose the fastest/cheapest shipping method

Q:  What is the difference between diffused silicon and ceramics

Material diffused silicon ceramics
Accuracy 0.25% 0.5%
Range -0.1~300MPa 0.5~6MPa
High temperature resistance YES NO
Corrosion resistance YES NO
Display YES NO

Additional information


0.5%, 0.25%


0-5VDC, RS485(MODBUS-RTU), 0.5-4.5VDC, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC

Pressure Range

0-100KPa, 0-60Mpa, 0-100Mpa, 0-2.5Mpa, 0-20KPa, 0-20Mpa, 0-1Mpa, -100KPa~0, 0-1.6Mpa, 0-0.6Mpa, 0-6MPa, 0-10Mpa, -100~100KPa, 0-30Mpa, 0-10KPa


ceramics, Diffused silicon


Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Huaibei Huadian Automation
  • Vendor: Huaibei Huadian Automation
  • Address: Room 2205, Building 1, Wanda Plaza
    Huaining Road
    Anhui / 安徽
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