LCD Switch JP Truck Gasoline Air 2KW Heater 12V Similar Webasto Air Top 2000W Heater


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Environmental protection is our operation concept .


Normally the cheap 2kw china air parking heater can only work one year due to their low price. The material of the cheap air heaters sold in the market is non-degradable which has greatly polluted the environment.


Our JP Air Parking Heaters can be used for 8-10 years, and the material is degradable. In order to protect the environment, we suggest you repair it instead of buying a new one. And we can send to you free spare parts.


Product Description

JP Truck Gasoline Air 2KW Heater 12V Similar Webasto Air Top 2000W Heater 


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In winter, the windows of your car/vehicle are often icy or frosted which will block your view, and you may need to scrape the windscreen by your hands. Next, sitting on the cold seat, you have to drive your car/transportation with frozen hands in a freezing cabin.

Just install a parking heater, all those problems will go away!

A 2kw 12v gas AIR Parking Heater is an electro-mechanical device that uses air to warm/heat the interior and engine of a motor vehicle to a suitable temperature so that the vehicle’s owner could enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere pleasantly. 


The working principle of air 2kw 12v parking heaters are based on the following key principles: 

Heater system draws in fuel and air, which mix fuel and burn to produce heat. Meanwhile, the blower of the parking heater system sucks cold air, mainly comes from the outside environment through the air inlet pipe.

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The same quality parking heaters as Webasto !!

Technical Data


Model FJH-2/1Q 2000W 12V Air Heater
Name  JP Truck Gasoline Air 2KW Heater 12V Similar Webasto Air Top 2000W Heater 
Heating Power 900W-2000W
Voltage 12V
Fuel Gasoline/Petrol
Heating temperature 5-35 
Controller Rotary Control + 22mm Muffler
Fuel Consumption 0.14-0.27 l/h
Electrical Power Consumption 14-29W
Noise 50Db
Dimensions 320*120*120mm
Net weight 2.6KG
Color Silver/Black
Working Height Above Sea 4000ms


Benefits of heaters


1. Save your money.
With parking heaters, your car will bypass cold starting the engine. Engine heaters can greatly reduce the wear of the engine, saving a lot of money on maintenance.
2. Save your time.
Parking heaters use a small amount of fuel to preheat the passenger compartment and the car’s engine. Therefore, this will reduce idling time and cost and save time.
3. Preheat the engine more conveniently.
With an electric engine heater or engine parking heater, you can conveniently heat various parts of the engine even before starting the engine. So you can quickly start your car once you’ve turned on the engine.
4. Enjoy a comfortable temperature and rest in your car.
A 2kw 12v gas air parking heater will maintain a comfortable temperature of the vehicle cabin and improve your driving experience.



The JP Air Parking Heaters (2KW, 2.2KW, 4KW, 5KW) are designed

– to heat cabins, boats, trucks, minibusses, vans, ambulances, and motorhomes.

– to defrost vehicle windows.

– to heat cargo.

They are not designed for heating cargo areas used to carry hazardous substances.

The heaters operate independently of the engine and are connected to the fuel tank and the electrical system of the vehicle.


Combi heater is mainly used for RV.

Spare parts for the parking heaters

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1. Is your product the same as Webasto / Eberspacher heaters?

Same concept. The heaters were made in China, the quality similar to Webasto/Eberspacher. Some of our heater parts are available for the original Webasto or Eberspacher heaters, Including glow plugs, burners, gaskets, heater shells, chambers, etc.


2. Do you provide warranty service?

Yes. Every air or water parking heater comes with a two-year warranty.


3. Where can I find installation instructions and operation manual?

The instructions are packaged with the product.


4. Where can I get spare parts for your heaters?

We supply all spare parts of our parking heaters. Welcome to inquiry.


5. Do you have agents?

We have our agents in North America, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia.

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