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Product Overview

LCD 3D Resin Printer — L120 Pro

The L120 Pro is utilize 48W UV LED engine as light source, and ultra high precision dual Z-Axis slides to ensure the printing platform running stable, avoid missing layers during printing.
1. Air-Purification can effectively reduce the smell of materials.
2. Automated resin fill system allows the equipment to work uninterrupted for 24 hours to achieve unattended and reliable printing.
3. Powerful Z-Axis motor and our own patent slicer software makes the printing speed up to 36 mm/hr.
4. Stable mechanical design, over 95% aluminum alloy metal parts, keep silent working.
5. Easy to start connecting with the printer by using USB drive, WiFi, Ethernet.
6. Slicer software with a special AA (anti aliasing) algorithm, free of charge for lifetime.
7. Open resin source: compatible with 405nm wavelength photosensitive resin in the market.
8. 2K 7’’touch screen can rotate 90 degrees freely, solid-state display system achieve precision of 0.01-0.05mm, producing smooth surface and delicate finish.

The L120 Pro version of the 3D printer is an upgraded product based on the “L120 basic”. The molding principle is the same. It uses the “LCD (Mask Stereolithography)” molding technology. The molding quality and printing accuracy of the two devices are basically the same. However, the pro version is more intelligent and user-friendly than the basic version in terms of man-machine experience!
Dazzle (Dazz 3D) L120 Pro
Machine Size
285*247*465 mm
Build Volume
120*68*150 mm
Print Speed
Up to 36 mm/hr
Light Source
48W, 405nm, UV LED
XY Resolution
0.047 mm
Z Resolution
0.01 mm
Layer Thickness
0.02/ 0.035/ 0.05/ 0.1 mm
Printing Material
Dazzle 3D Resins, 3rd Party Resin Compatible
Platform Leveling
Self Leveling
Resin Tank
FEP Release Film, Aluminum Alloy Frame
Pattern Generation
2K LCD Panel (2560*1440px)
Machine Weight
Printing Connectivity
WiFi, USB and Ethernet Muti-printers Control
Compatible software
DDStarter Customized (easy, with video)
Input File
.STL / .OBJ / .SLC / .DDEB / .DDWP
Offline Print
System Requirement
Windows, Mac
Resin Fill System
Resin Wiper
Touch Screen
7” Touch Screen Monitor
1 Year
Products Description
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