FMM Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool Auto A/C Hose Hydra-Crimper Repair Air Condition Hose


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Description: Brand: Gcfix New version crimping tool ! Never leak oil from the handle! If your A/C hose has stainless steel inside
the hose, then this Crimper can’t crimp your hose! Die set specification: Num – 6 Die Set – #6 (5/16”) Num – 8 Die Set – #8
(13/32”) Num – 10 Die Set – #10 (1/2”) Num – 12 Die Set – #12 (5/8”) Num – 8SRB&6 Die Set – #6 (5/16”) (Reduced Barrier) #8
(13/32”) (Reduced Barrier) Num – 10SRB Die Set – #10 (1/2”) (Reduced Barrier) Num – 12SRB Die Set – #12 (5/8”) (Reduced Barrier)
Open the relief valve to fully recess the piston.Then,close tightly. Pre-operation set-up : Rotate the yoke fully counter
clockwise to bottom out the adapter seat. Ready To Go ! Operating Instructions : 1.Remove pin and “Open” top yoke. 2.select
correct die set (refer to back page for description ) 3.insert the die into joke 4.position fitting and hose in the crimper and
close the yoke. 5.insert pin securely . 6.Turn Body of tool clock wise until dies are snug against hose fitting . 7.Turn hydraulic
valve to “closed “position . 8.Pump handle to crimp fitting onto hose .continue pumping until handle comes to a stop 9.Once crimp
is complete,turn hydraulic valve to OPEN position . 10.Turn body of tool counter clockwise until top yoke can be rotated away from
piston protion of yoke 11.Romove holding pin and open yoke. 12.Remove hose assembly
Safety. stable. durable
all car
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