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6000PPB h2 portable h2 rich hydrogen water bottle spe/pem rich hydrogen cup water generator


What Is Hydrogen Water? Hydrogen water,hydrogen-enriched water,or hydrogenated water,is regular water (H₂O)that has been infused with hydrogen gas.This gas raises the concentration levels of molecular hydrogen in water for easy digestibility and immediate penetration in cells,which encourages over all health benefits. Hydrogen water–also called hydrogen-enriched water,hydrogen-infusedwater,or hydrogenated water is just water infused with hydrogengas. Many natural springs, now shut down,contained a higher concentration of hydrogen and were used for centuries to help heal certain illnesses.This healing ability is what may have prompted finding ways to infuse water with molecular hydrogen. What’s the hydrogen water bottle? The hydrogen water bottle is a hydrogen water generator with an electrolysis device,which generates hydrogenin water through electrolysis technology,there by turning ordinary water into hydrogen water.
Recommend for you : Difference electrolysis technology on working principle:

1)  Ordinary technology , that need mineral water or Tap water, can not use Pure water ;  2)SPE/PEM technology,Hydrogen and oxygen separation = the negative and positive plate separated.
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