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Crystallite Depth 8 is a minimally invasive fractional treatment combining microneedles and RF energy.Under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulated needles quickly penetrate the epidermis at the same time, emit RF energy from the needle tip, and then quickly exit the skin. RF energy is penetrated deep into the skin through tiny needles, causing tiny damage, penetrating and opening the absorption channel of the skin, so that nutritional products can enter the skin, and trigger the body’s natural healing response. At this time, the thermal stimulation generated by RF together stimulates the self-repair mechanism of the skin, while liquefying and destroying fat cells, it shrinks a large area of soft tissue and stimulates the production of skin fibrous tissue and collagen, thereby reducing fat, remodeling and Tighten and lift the skin. In addition, RF can destroy the secretion of sebaceous glands, inhibit inflammation, eliminate acne bacteria, reduce oil secretion, significantly improve large pores, and effectively treat inflammatory acne, etc; for rough and loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne marks, acne pits, and scars , Stretch marks and other different symptoms for personalized skin care. The penetration of Crystallite opens the fast absorption channel of the skin, and can directly introduce repair liquid, antioxidants and other drugs into the deep layer of the skin, which can further play the role of active ingredients and drugs, further deeply repair the skin, and realize the effect of 1+1>2 Purpose.




Double handle design, wide range of treatment. A variety of probe specifications: 12P, 24P, 40P, nano crystal head, more peace of mind without repetition. Provide the deepest RF fractional therapy, which can penetrate subcutaneous tissue up to 8mm. Realize humanized operation: the depth can be adjusted between 0.5 and 7mm, the depth of the needle can be adjusted freely, and it can be used on skin of any thickness. Original burst mode: deep segmented subcutaneous heating technology, multi-level fixed-point superposition treatment at one time, uniform and stable energy delivery. Insulated probe device “super sharp + ultra-high gold plating film + cone design”; The needle body is 0.22mm, and gradually becomes thinner to the top. The damage to the epidermis caused by 0.1mm of the needle tip is the least. So as to avoid burning skin pigmentation and basically no pain and bleeding. Improved safety and effectiveness.



Product Name

Crystallite Depth 8 (Glod RF Crystallite Depth 8)

Touch Screen

15 Inches

Therapy Probe

12P,24P,40P,Nanocrystalline Head



Operating Voltage


Air box size







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