2021 Best Selling Bling Fashion Rhinestone 450 Degree Professional Electric Hot Comb


Heating core: PTC

Heating element: aluminum alloy

Gear adjustment: three gears (high, medium and low)

High-end: 180~200℃ suitable for rough and hard hair

Mid-range: 160~180℃ suitable for normal hair
Low grade: 80~160℃ suitable for soft hair

Rated voltage: 220~240V
Rated power: 40W

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Usage Tips:
1. Dry your hair before using Technology ceramic hot comb.
2. Please Keep a safe distance when you set up for hair straightening before use to prevent burning your skin
3. Please wait for the hot comb heat-up before use and then slowly comb your hair/beard from top to bottom.

4. If you want the styling long-lasting, you canuse the beard oil/hair styling lotion or soften lotion after straightening.

5. You can use the dry/wet towel to clean the comb. However, please turn off the comb and wait it cool down before cleaning.
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